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For the 5th year, Class Acts is running its popular writing contest: and this year we are pleased to announce a playwriting contest! The winning plays in each category will be PERFORMED by Story Theatre. The shows will be rehearsed during a 3-day weekend workshop in March. At the end of the weekend, all participants will be invited to an awards ceremony where we will announce all winners AND present the world premieres of the first prize shows. Authors of the winning plays will be invited to participate in the weekend workshop in March.  



Please choose one of the below topics:

  • On a bus: Several characters meet; a problem arises…. 

  • Fairy tale from another point of view OR another location, for example: Scene told from inside the wolf’s stomach Mice footmen on the way to pick up Cinderella (or after they drop her off), ...

  • My neighborhood: Something happens in a place you know well in your neighborhood. What? Someone falls in love, someone stood up for someone else, someone fell apart. 

  • A theme of your own choice

How to and rules:

  • Age Categories: age as of January 15

  1. 8-9 years

  2. 10-11 years

  3. 12-13 years

  4. 14+ years 

  • Maximum number of authors of one play: 3 (if more than one author, the play will go into the age category of the oldest member in the group)

  • Must be original work by the authors

  • Length: Shows must be a maximum of ten minute: 1000-2000 words of dialogue (if you are not sure, read it aloud and time it)

  • Characters: Minimum of 2, Maximum of 7 speaking characters (can be additional nonspeaking characters, such as crowds)

  • Setting: We recommend that the play only takes place in one place 

  • Genre: can be any genre (comedy, drama, musical, puppetry, etc)

Important dates: 

  • September 15th 2019: registration open: SIGN UP.

  • November 10th 2019; 3-6pm: How to Write a Play! workshops for young authors; location TBC

  • January 15th 2020: Play submission date

  • February 15th 2020: Winning plays / shows announcement

  • March 22nd; 4pm: Awards Ceremony: Afternoon of 10-minute shows:

When writing a play, you need to think about:

  • Having a beginning, middle and end

  • Create a conflict 

  • Characters who we get to know

  • Surprise the audience! Don’t give the audience all the answers right away

  • Be creative! Feel free to add songs, craziness.. 

  • Don’t try to do too much - it’s most important to keep the main story throughout the play 

All entries must be uploaded onto the website by 23:59 January 15th (2020). 

For more information, themes and "how to's", please visit Event is free of charge.

Important dates: 

Story submission date: all entries must be uploaded onto the website by 23:59 January 15th 2020.

Winning plays will be selected by: February 15th 2020

Award ceremony and performance of winning shows: March 22nd 2020

Let's Write
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