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Family story

History is not just what you read in a textbook...

We are looking for stories about the past that come from your own families

You should talk to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and choose a character from the past.  

We don't want a full biography!  We want you to find one, important incident (max 3 pages) that somehow changed the direction of this person's life.  It should also show us how the history of the time had an effect on the everyday life of a normal citizen.  

It can be fictionalized, but the events should be based on a real story.  The story must take place before January 1990. 

For example.... could be about a journey someone was forced to take and why they had to go. It could be a hard decision someone had to make.  If your main character is not alive, you will have to imagine some things.  

How do you think they felt about the choices they made?   Not all the information needs to be strictly factual - you will probably have to make up dialogue if you choose to use it. Try to get factual information about what things were like at the time.


radio play

audio play




Not sure how to get started?  Join us for a workshop at Riverside School on November 6 - more information here


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