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How to Write a Play! workshop


Not sure how to begin your play?  Join us for a workshop led by experienced playwrights and teachers!  Each participant will participate in three workshops:


  1. Help I'm Stuck! - a workshop offering fun practical activities and games to assist with 'writers block'. We will also explore the concept of when 'creative accidents' can change the direction of a script and lead to memorable moments of theatre. Led by Kate Sellars, head of Performing Arts at Riverside School

  2. Character development - a great play needs great characters. Prague Youth Theatre teacher and playwright Liam Hallahan will show kids how to create characters using improv as a starting point.

  3. Dramatic tension - Make your play exciting!  Teacher, playwright,  composer and award-winning novelist Bára Dockalová will show how you can turn a boring scene into one that will have the audience on the edge of their seats. 


10th November (Sunday), 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Where: Riverside School, Hradčanská Office Centre, Prague 6

Fee: 400,- Kč / child


When writing a play, think about ...

  1. Having a beginning, middle and end

  2. Creating a conflict. 

  3. Developing your Characters - we want to know them!  

  4. Surprise the audience! Don't give them all the answers right away. 

  5. Be creative! Feel free to add songs, craziness.

  6. Don't try to do too much. Keep a main storyline throughout the play .

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