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Past Years


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We partnered with Radio Prague International and childre wrote stories based on the true experiences of their ancestors. Then the stories were professionally recorded at the Czech Public Radio studios and part of a special podcast series produced by Radio Prague International in November 2022.

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Children wrote plays - and Story Theatre children produced the three winning plays! Originally we were going to present the performances live, but because of the pandemic, we did the shows on Zoom - see a recording here!

Category 1: 10-11 years, Lucy Erent Little Red and the Guardian of the Woods 

Category 2: 12-13 years, Matti Argo Ain't Nobody Here but Us Chickens
Category 3: 14-15 years, David Rothbauer Rapunzel's Insanely Long Wait

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In 2019 the Czech Republic celebrates 30 years from Velvet Revolution. Let’s Write! celebrated as well. Last year themes were inspired by Václav Havel - first democratic president after the Fall of Communism and his well or less known quotes. We have received over a 100 stories from children all around the Czech Republic.



2018 marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia.  To commemorate this, our contest asked children to write about significant historic events of the 20th century.  What would Masaryk have thought of Prague in 2018?  What would it have been like to wake up to the rumbling of tanks in 1968?  Children's authors transported their imaginations into the past and took on the challenge of authoring historic fiction.



In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Class Acts, the theme for this year’s contest was 10. Young writers wrote a story in- spired by one of the following themes: 1) One day, while I was walking through the forest, I came upon 10... 2) Every day I walk by Room 10 at school. The door to Room 10 is always closed. This morning I walked by and noticed that the door was open. I looked inside and.... 3) Anything with number 10 in the theme and story.



Spooky Story was the first year’s theme. All stories began with: 1) It was a dark and stormy night We received over 300 stories which were published as an e-book.

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Tereza Dubsky (Contest coordinator)

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