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Saturday, November 12, the first episode will be broadcast on 
Radio Prague, 

part of the international section of Czech Radio.  


The stories, inspired by true experiences of their ancestors, were written by children aged 10-18 who live in the Czech Republic.  Over the next month, there will be a series of episodes about how the ancestors were affected by the traumatic history of the 20th century.   


The stories were recorded by David Vaughan with the children.  They explore themes of normalization in Czech villages in the 1950s, the horrors of poverty, emigration during WWII and the Cold War, and much more.

Let's Write 2022

Stories for a Podcast 

In 2022, we partnered with the English service of Radio Prague International.  

Children wrote stories based on true experiences of their ancestors, and these then were recorded in Czech Radio studios.  You can listen below to an audio collage of the stories create by David Vaughan from Radio Prague International.

In November 2022, the radio will broadcast a podcast series using clips from the stories and interviews with the children.

This was the 6th annual Let's Write competition - please see more about past years of our contest here!

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