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Who can participate

All children aged 10-18 years old

Age Group

Child's Age


10-12 years old


13-14 years old


15+ years old


Contest Rules

  1. Children should write a story in English on their own.

  2. If schools are submitting stories, they can submit a maximum of 3 stories per age category. 

  3. Maximum length: 3 pages

  4. The story can be fact or fiction

  5. It must be based on a real story of someone in the child's family or a close family friend. 

  6. It must take place before January 1990.

  7. Stories must be submitted as a word document through this website. Only stories submitted through the website will be considered for judging.

  8. Contestants must complete a coversheet with personal details before uploading their plays.

  9. If the child wins, the parent agrees that the story can be recorded and broadcast Radio Prague International 


Contest timeline

October 2021: Project launched

November 6, 2021: Workshop on writing podcast

March 21, 2022: Deadline for stories

March-April 2022: Judging the stories 

May 2022: producing stories

June, 2022 - Stories publicly broadcast


Judging Criteria

Stories will be judged based on creativity & originality, quality of the writing,  structure and plot, and suitability for radio. 

Founded by:

Class Acts logo_XS.png


Class Acts z.s. 
Křížkovského 7 
130 00 Prague 3

Tereza Dubsky (Contest coordinator)

+420 602 971 478


(C) Class Acts z.s.

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