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Who can participate

All children aged 8 – 18 years old

Age Group

Child's Age


8-9 years old


10-11 years old


12-13 years old


14-18 years old


Contest Conditions

  1. Children should write a short play in English on one of the THEMES, keeping their entries within the word count/time limits.

  2. Plays must be submitted through letswrite.cz. Only stories submitted through letswrite.cz will be considered for judging.

  3. Contestants must complete a coversheet with personal details before uploading their plays.

  4. The winning plays in each category will be performed by actors from Story Theatre and Prague Youth Theatre. The shows will be rehearsed during a 3-day weekend workshop in March.By submitting your entry, you agree that your play may be performed.


Contest timeline

15th September 2019 → Registration open:  SIGN UP page

10th November → How to write a play! workshop (optional)

15th January 2020 → Registration closes

15th January 2020 → Story submission date

15th February 2020 → Announcement of winning plays

Autumn 2020; 4pm → Awards Ceremony & Afternoon of 10-minute shows 


Play Criteria

  1. Maximum number of authors of one play: 3 (if more than one author, the play will go into the age category of the oldest member of the group).

  2. Must be original work by the authors.

  3. Length: Plays must be a maximum of ten minutes: 1000-2000 words of dialogue (if you are not sure, read it aloud and time it).

  4. Characters: Minimum of 2, Maximum of 7 speaking characters (can be additional nonspeaking characters, such as crowds).

  5. Setting: We recommend that the play takes place in only one location. 

  6. Genre: can be any genre (comedy, drama, musical, puppetry, etc).


Play format

All stories must be submitted by 15 January 2020. Each child may submit only ONE play. All plays should be typewritten and submitted in word document format. Plays must be uploaded on www.letswrite.cz. Only plays submitted through this website will be entered in the contest. All entrants must provide personal and contact details on a cover sheet as part of the conditions of entry.​


Judging criteria

Plays will be judged based on creativity & originality, quality of the dialogue, character development, structure and plot, and suitability for stage. 

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