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Story Theatre started six years ago by Leah Gaffen and American actor Jay DeYonker.

Class Acts offers two types of drama activities for children. 

  • Library Storytelling Club for children aged 8-11. 

In this course children produce short shows for the Korunni Library’s monthly storytelling. Using children’s books as our inspiration, we discover ways to bring the stories to life, often using puppets and music. We meet at the library - surrounded by books and creativity! The club is aimed at children of mixed language ability - we have native speakers as well as children who are learning English in school, and it seems to work for everyone! More about the course and for registrations please click here

  • Story Theatre Company for children aged 10-17.

In this course children produce longer shows. 

Story Theatre Company has produced 9 shows, creating original versions of classic stories such as "Oliver Twist," "The Wizard of Oz," "Alice in Wonderland" and "The Tempest" as well as lesser-known children's books like "The Phantom Tollbooth." In 2019 our original production of "Journeys" was awarded the top prize at the Czech children's theatre festival "Dětská scéna." Currently we are not accepting new members, but if you are interested please contact  



Leah Gaffen

a co-founder of Class Acts, is originally from the USA and has been teaching theatre in Prague since the 1990s.  Ten years ago, she started doing storytelling with her puppet friend  “Mr. Snooze,” and has performed at numerous schools including Panda Learning Center and Londynska Elementary School.  She started Story Theatre children’s theatre six years ago.  She and her husband also run Puppets in Prague, teaching international classes on marionette carving.

Veronika Kirschnerová.jpg

Veronika Kirschnerova

Veronika teaches English (“Anglictinka”) at Londynska and Vratislovova Elementary Schools, using drama, storytelling, music and games to teach the language in an interactive way. She co-founded the Storytelling program at Korunni Library with Leah and has been performing ever since.


Tereza Dubsky

Tereza, originally a Class Acts fan, joined the team in 2013 as a programme coordinator. Currently, Tereza is running the organisation  and in her free time she helps with some classes (KINDY, Drama class or MaD]. Tereza herself has three bilingual kids and loves coming up with new ideas for courses and events

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