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Class Acts is a community, continually expanding and evolving to meet the changing needs of our children.


We are first and foremost a community, and together we aim to organize high quality, affordable programs for children who are fluent in English and Czech.

What we do...

  • Art and music classes for toddlers

  • English language mornings for preschoolers

  • English classes for bilingual children and children interested in English language

  • Reader's Clubs

  • Creative Writing Clubs

  • Creative writing competition Let's Write! 

  • Summer reading challenge Books on the Go!
  • Storytelling at Korunni City Library

  • Summer camps

  • Seminars and workshops for teachers and parents

About Us


Our Team
Tereza Dubsky

Tereza Dubsky


Tereza, originally a Class Acts fan, joined the team in 2013 as a programme coordinator. Currently, Tereza is running the organisation  and in her free time she helps with some classes (KINDY, Drama class or MaD]. Tereza herself has three bilingual kids and loves coming up with new ideas for courses and events

Bohdana Malik

Bohdana Malik


Bohdana is one of the co-founders of Class Acts. Her background is in economy and accounting of non-profit organisations and is keen on expanding children's language education. Bohdana created number of classes herself. Currently, Bohdana is in charge of finances at Class Acts. Bohdana has one bilingual child.

Leah Gaffen

Leah Gaffen


Leah is the Class Act founder and has conceived, developed, and taught many Class Acts programmes. Leah is involved in the creative area of Class Acts, she runs Storytelling at the Korunní Library as well as a drama club called Story Theatre.  Together with her husband she runs Puppets in Prague – puppet making workshops for professionals. Leah has two bilingual children. 

Katerina Gacek

Katerina Gacek

Academic Director

Katerina is a primary teacher who gained her teaching diplomas both in the Czech Republic and the UK. She has over ten years of experience as a class teacher at preparatory schools in UK. She takes joy in helping children master their language skills. Katerina oversees the curriculum, the course standards and recruits new teachers for Class Acts. Katerina has two bilingual children.

How we are funded

2020 Fundraising Appeal with a target of 200,000Kc
It is vital for us that we maintain the quality and affordability that is the ethos of Class Acts. However, as it stands today we have grown to such a point that we need more concrete financial administrative support. Rather than raise our prices, we are appealing to the Class Acts community to make a donation. Your generosity will be invaluable in allowing us to expand our work while remaining affordable. Please consider making a contribution today. For more information please contact BohdanaThank you.

Our team of volunteers are indispensable!

Behind many of our Class Acts events is a team of volunteers that help brainstorm and organise, and who are ready to help make creative and fun activities for children. Huge THANK YOU goes to Katie Barnes, Callum Philbin, Milena Andrade, Mark Sluka, Troy Witt, Veronika Kirschnerova, Kate Sellars, Adam Stewart, Liam Hallahal.  Also to Prague Municipal Library and Riverside School. We are thankful to all of you who put in your time, and consider it a great community building effort.

If you would like to take part in any aspect of Class Acts contact us.

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