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Summer day camps 2020

Class Acts will organise three day camps this summer!

Live and learn! - two of the camps are designed for kindergarten children age 2-6 years old. Camp is open primarily to children who don't speak English yet, or have a very little English. Children will be exposed to the English speaking environment and during the daily routines will learn the basic vocabulary, nursery rhymes, and simple senteces.

TERM 1: 27.-31.7. 2020, venue: Mateřská školka Paleček

TERM 2: 3. -7. 8. 2020, venue: Mateřská školka Paleček

KINDY Camp is designed for English speaking children

aged 5-9 years old.. Camp is led, traditionally, by Mrs, Katerina and Dasa who will take the kids for an amazing rollercoaster summer journey.

DATE: 17. - 21. 8. 2020, venue: Mateřská školka Paleček

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